Partnership Con Rulex 00

We are proud to officially announce our partnership with Rulex (See ad on the website of Rulex)

Rulex is the advanced analytics platform that enables you to make data-driven choices, based on machine learning algorithms of the new generation.
In every field there is a widespread and growing need to make data-based decisions. Rulex simplifies this challenge by automating the extraction process of rules and clear requirements of their business from the data available, thus nurturing the business processes.
Decision makers can use Rulex to obtain information from their multi-source data and make it applicable to future business scenarios, in a matter of hours instead of months, and at lower costs.
Rulex follows an agnostic approach that can fit for any type of search in any business field!
Rulex technology is the result of an extraordinary mix of scientific expertise and industry experience. Please visit Rulex’s website ( ) and contact us with your questions.

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