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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence architectures help solving all those problems related to data availability, usability, quality and analysis.

Dataskills works with clients to help in all phases of a Business Intelligence project:

  • Data warehouse modelling
  • Ideation and creation of ETL
  • Implementation of multi-dimensional DBs
  • Reporting tools
Servizi Di Business Intelligence

Putting in place a Business Intelligence solution will help your business by increasing the overall firm’s performances, creating economical advantages as both additional revenues and/or reduced costs. Some results of implementing a Business Intelligence solution are: increasing revenues, additional clients & better customer retention, higher operational efficiency, better productivity of information systems and of BI users within and outside the firm.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a system of models, methods, processes, people, and tools that make it possible to regularly collect and organize the data assets generated by a company. In addition to that, through processing, analysis, and aggregations, this system allows the transformation of data into information, as well as their storage, availability, and presentation in a simple, flexible and effective format, in order to constitute a support for strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making.

There is a strict correlation between the efficient use of Business Intelligence tools and higher business performances: BI allows any actor within the firm to easily access the data of interest without having to go through bothersome processes of finding and cleaning such data ( as is usually the case before a BI architecture is put in place).

In Business Intelligence, the phases of data collection, integration, cleaning, and validation, as well as the aggregation procedures and part of the analytical calculations, are carried out automatically. In this way, people within the business are free to concentrate on the final answers they need, and interrogate a data warehouse that is already cleaned and well-organised.

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