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For what concerns Big Data, Dataskills has a central role in helping the client interpreting and fully exploiting its data assets, in three main areas:

  • The business: by exploiting Big Data assets you can create new business models and obtain competitive advantages with respect to traditional businesses and strategies
  • The technology: the huge dimension and complexity of Big Data require adequate technologies in order to get the most out of the analysis
  • The financials: it is fundamental to identify what is the Big Data ROI
Servizi Big Data

What are Big Data?

Big data is data that exceeds the limits of traditional database tools. The term also refers to all the technologies used to extract knowledge and value from Big Data. Given the enormous size in terms of volume, but also the inherent characteristics of speed and variety, Big Data require specific technologies and analytical methods to extracts value.

An efficient analysis of Big Data has the main objective of extracting information additional to that which can be obtained from small data sets. For several years now, the topic of Big Data has been considered particularly attractive by many companies, and investments in this sense are increasing.

Some applications of Big Data Analysis


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