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When dealing with Big Data, Business Intelligence infrastructures and Predictive Analytics models need additional hardware and software tools, able to ingest, store and analyze a huge and variegated amount of data.

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Technologies and Tools

It is important to understand that when carrying out Big Data Analysis, we still use the tools, and apply the main concepts, that we also encounter when dealing with traditional BI and Predictive Analysis.The difference is in the use of specific technologies required for bigger and unstructured/non-traditional data, such as:

  • Hardware and Software devices to extract data directly from sensors placed on smart objects/devices
  • Tools to extract data in semi-real time
  • Tools for parallel computing

Use cases

The presence of Big Data within the firm’s data assets provides additional support to an effective use of Predictive Analytics models. Such models are structured in the same way as when dealing with more traditional data, with the only difference being the use of specific tools for data ingestion, transformation and analysis.
For what concerns Business Intelligence solutions, the main use cases are the same ones as when dealing with traditional data.

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