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Dataskills operates in the four main sectors of Data Science: Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Big Data Analytics and IOT. All of which are strictly related.
Together with our clients we undertake comprehensive journeys that help them reach a full technological shift: from the creation of the data warehouse, to the predictive analysis of both traditional and Big Data, all the way to the creation of IOT solutions.

We work seamlessly, offering solutions that have been optimized throughout the years to deliver valuable results not only in the short term, but in the long term as well.
By so doing we actively help our client firms to effectively become part of the new Industry 4.0.

Servizi Bi

Business Intelligence

How to transform data and information into knowledge

Servizi Pa 01x600

Predictive Analytics

How to extract hidden relations existing within the data to offer predictions of the future

Servizi Bigdata 01x600

Big Data Analytics

How to make sense of, and analyze, huge amounts of data

Servizi Iot 01x600

Internet of Things

How everything, in the new World, will be interconnected

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Dataskills operates comprehensively in the field of Data Science, helping you extract value from your data

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