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Business Intelligence improves your firm’s performance by speeding up your reaction to unexpected events, sharpening your analytical skills, business knowledge, and the overall efficacy of the strategic actions undertaken.

Our solutions can be summarized in three main steps:

  1. Collection of data, usually heterogeneous and not integrated
  2. Data cleaning and integration within the Data Warehouse
  3. Sharing of data with the end users through OLAP cubes and reports

they generally work in two directions:

  • Analysis of costs and revenues
  • Analysis of orders placed and sales
Servizi Bi

There are two core Business Intelligence Architectures we offer our clients:

  1. Corporate BI: this architecture comprises the Data Warehouse, the ETL to feed data into it, and an OLAP cube for reporting tasks
  2. Self-Service BI which can:
    • Be created as an addition to Corporate BI, so that the user can connect to the DWH, to OLAP cubes, and to other data sources (within or outside the firm), and autonomously create those reports which are not included in standard reporting services put in place through the Corporate BI infrastructure.
    • Substitute the last piece of a Corporate BI architecture:
      in this case we have a DWH with ETL plus self-service reporting tools (for example with PowerBI)

Use Cases

We can say, without exaggerating, that any firm which produces data will sooner or later need a Business Intelligence infrastructure to extract value from such data.
Some real-life examples are:

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