New modules in Azure Machine Learning

Nuovi Moduli In Azure Machine Learning 00

Some new modules have recently been introduced in Azure Machine Learning, thus extending its features.

Execute Python Script

It is a module for running scripts in Python 2.7.7.

Nuovi Moduli AzureMachineLearning 01

The module is configured via a script editor which contains an example of the steps required to interact with ML.

Nuovi Moduli AzureMachineLearning 02
Anomaly detection

Two specific models have been introduced for anomaly detection: 1) One class support vector machine; 2) PCA-based anomaly detection.

Nuovi Moduli AzureMachineLearning 03
Create R Model

In addition to the Execute R script modules we can now find the “Create R Model” which allows the creation of an ML model directly in R.

The latter form is particularly interesting since it makes possible to considerably extend the features of Azure ML through the realization and the scoring of R models. The module is configurable through its areas of scripting, one for model training and the other for scoring.

Nuovi Moduli AzureMachineLearning 04
Nuovi Moduli AzureMachineLearning 05

Finally, let’s keep in mind that the deprecated modules are also important. Currently, these are:

Nuovi Moduli AzureMachineLearning 06

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