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With 17,000 active clients all over the World, Greci is the italian food industry leader, basing their success on the quality of the products provided to restaurants, wholesalers, and large retailers.

The experience gained in production dates back to 1923, when the company started off by working on different, innovative ways to process tomatoes. They then rapidly adapted to the markets’ needs, creating products specifically made for customers suffering of food allergies, and envisioning balanced recipes made of completely bioavailable nutrients.

Today they own production plants in both Italy and Spain, main site for fish production, while several trade hubs are placed all around Europe. Deliveries are instead made all over the World, with a products portfolio counting around 400 items.

It goes without saying that such a firm produces huge amounts of data. Nevertheless, before undertaking the project described in this paper, they lacked of a modern infrastructure to turn their data into information, needed for decision makers to take important strategic decisions.

The creation of an efficient data architecture has increased data quality, sped up data-collection and data-cleaning processes, joined together various data sources which had been kept separated until then, and enabled to make use of an advanced yet intuitive reporting tool.

The project undertaken has given autonomy and decision-making power to key members of the firm, whom were until then relying on the IT team for everything concerning the company’s data.

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