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Business Intelligence and Human Resources: how to use BI in the HR department

The progressive adoption of Business Intelligence (BI) systems allowed companies to implement their decisional processes, by putting corporate data resources into service of analysts and managers. In ...

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How Artificial Intelligence is transforming Fashion Industry

The so-called ‘’Fourth Industrial Revolution’’, more often referred to as Industry 4.0, is a business model in which new technologies are disrupting production and consumption ...

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How to develop a Data-driven corporate culture

In the last few years, many companies have already adopted or have begun to approach various Analytics solutions, which allows to gain insights for operational, strategic, and tactical decisions, ...

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How to implement an effective Business Intelligence

In the recent years we assisted the rapid growth of Business Intelligence (BI) systems, which are more and more often adopted by companies that want to improve their business in several aspects. ...

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Enhance Data Quality through Machine Learning

Today, most industries are characterized by a relatively rapid rate of technology adoption and a fast-changing competitive environment. In this context, data become an essential instrument for ...

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The best data infrastructure for your company: Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake

The best data infrastructure for your company: Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake     As we’ve seen in a previous article, a fundamental step in defining the Data Strategy of your company ...

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3 Steps for a successful Data Strategy

Nowadays, Data has become a strategic asset that companies could use to enhance their decision-making process and gain a substantial competitive advantage. But just owning data is not sufficient: you ...

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Business Intelligence for Banking and Financial Sectors

Business Intelligence is fundamental for banking and financial sectors. The banking industry is becoming ever-more competitive, and subject to new regulations. Moreover, there are new and growing ...

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The advantages of Business Intelligence

The main advantage of Business Intelligence resides in an improvement of business performance. The following table shows the benefits that come from a BI system, connecting them to their final goal ...

Bi Methodology

Business Intelligence Methodology

The methodology that we use in the implementation of Business Intelligence projects is based on an agile approach that can minimize the costs and “time to market”. The cornerstones of ...

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