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Predictive Analysis with RULEX


1100 euros per person*
With a minimum of 2 participants

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2 days

*discounts applicable to groups of attenders
*prices don’t comprise travels


RULEX (RULe EXtractor) is an innovative tool for the analysis of data through statistical and machine learning methods. In addition to traditional analytical tools, RULEX offers a number of proprietary techniques aimed at creating models described by intelligible rules, a foundation of Prescriptive Analytics. The course is designed to teach participants to develop predictive and prescriptive models with RULEX, test them, assess their accuracy, and correctly interpret the rules generated. Furthermore, a part of the course is dedicated to the preparation of data through the tools that RULEX makes available through the Data Manager. Topics include a more theoretical part on the functioning of the models and a practical part in which you will use RULEX to implement models for solving business problems (churn analysis, fraud detection, direct marketing, etc.).

Main topics:

  • introduction to prescriptive analytics
  • the Rulex environment
  • data preparation with data manager
  • practical exercises on data preparation
  • regression and classification algorithms
  • The algorithm Logic Learning Machine
  • how to create a classification model
  • Case study: Churn Analysis, Fraud Detection and Campaign targeting
  • practical exercises on model creation

Participants will benefit from an understanding of how machine learning tools work when applied to predictive, and in particular prescriptive, data analytics.
Participants will be able to create predictive and prescriptive models using RULEX, test them and evaluate their performance

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