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Building an ETL system with SSIS


1100 euro per person*
With a minimum of 2 participants

Technical sheet

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2 days

*discounts applicable to groups of attenders
*prices do not comprise travels


ETL system is an important element of the BI system because it is through the former that the data warehouse is loaded. The course introduces the MS SQL Server Integration Services and describes the main patterns for feeding the data warehouse:

  • slowly changing dimensions
  • loading the fact tables
  • incremental loading
  • automatic partitioning
  • late arriving data
  • logging & auditing

Main topics:

  • Introduction to Integration Services
  • how to use SSIS to load the data warehouse
  • the methodology
  • dealing with dimensions: slowly changing dimensions
  • fact table loading: incremental loadings, automatic partitioning, late arriving data
  • Logging & auditing
  • SSIS catalog

participants will benefit from a deep understanding of ETL tools, fundamental to develop efficient BI architectures. These notions are pivotal to prepare the data for subsequent, more advanced analysis.

This course can be paired with the course on reporting tools: Power BI: beginner to advanced

For a deeper understanding of the technical data modelling tools, we suggest the courses: SSAS Tabular Modeling

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