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Power BI: beginner to advanced


1100 euros per person*
With a minimum of 2 participants

Technical sheet

Download the technical sheet


2 days

*discounts applicable to groups of attenders
*prices don’t comprise travels


Self-service BI is one of the hot topics of the moment. Microsoft offers a number of add-ins that integrate with Excel 2013 and Office solution 365.
The course provides an overview of Power BI applications, looking in detail at PowerQuery (ETL self-service tool), PowerPivot (model memory), and PowerView (self-service reporting).

Main topics:

  • Introduction to PowerBI Desktop and Cloud
  • Data import and data transformation: data sources and transformation operations
  • How to build a model: data sources, calculated columns, hierarchies, calculated measures
  • How to create simple measures
  • Introduction to the DAX language
  • How to create complex measures
  • Visualizing the data

Participants will be able to exploit all the functionalities offered by this tool, and use it at a PRO level by learning the DAX language.This permits them to exploit the most advanced capabilities offered by Power BI

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