SQL Saturday Parma 2016 – R & Azure ML

Dataskills E Sponsor Al Sql Saturday Di Parma 00 891x535

The Saturday Saturday Parma agenda is on-line. I will participate as a speaker with a session on the use of R within Azure Machine Learning.


Her the asbtract:

“Azure ML, Microsoft’s machine learning service in the cloud, enables you to easily build, deploy and share advanced analytics solutions. Azure ML provides many machine learning algorithms and data preparation tasks. In addition, Azure Machine Learning supports R. You can bring in your existing R codes in to Azure Machine Learning and run it in the same experiment with the built-in learners and publish this as web service. R code can be used to prepare and manipulate the data, to train machine learning models and to make predictions on new data. This session shows how to use R in order to maximize the benefits of Azure ML.”


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