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Data Analysis with SPSS


1100 euro per person*
With a minimum of 2 participants

Technical sheet

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2 days

*discounts applicable to groups of attenders
*prices do not comprise travels


SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science) is one of the best-known softwares for data elaboration in various sectors, such as psychology, sociology, political sciences, medicine/biology, marketing and market analysis. It’s a statistical package with richness of functions, and an immediate user interface which make it versatile and comprehensive. Indispensable for all those operations such as inserting and importing data, statistical analysis, reporting results with graphical representations.
The course aims at offering a deep understanding of the functioning and benefits of SPSS.

Main Topics:

  • Introduction to SPSS
  • main features
  • importing data into SPSS from various sources
  • how to transform data files
  • Introduction to the reporting tools
  • graphic tools

Participants will benefit from a thorough understanding of this software, and the fundamentals of data analysis. These notions are pivotal to prepare the data to a more advanced and complex analysis

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