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Data analysis with SAS


1100 euro per person*
With a minimum of 2 participants

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2 days

*discounts applicable to groups of attenders
*prices do not comprise travels


SAS System is arguably the most well-known software in the World for data analysis. This is due to its flexibility in terms of high-level programming language, and already-implemented procedural libraries. It was first introduced as a software for statistical analysis, but it soon became group of integrated software programs that permit:

  • inserting,searching and managing data
  • creation of reports and graphs
  • statistical and mathematical analysis
  • development of apps for planning, predicting, supporting decisions, marketing, operational research, project management, quality control, and much more.

The course aims at explaining the fundamentals of SAS, both with respect to more traditional programming, and the new interface: SAS Studio 9.4.

Main topics:

  • Introduction to SAS
  • Project phases
  • File management
  • SAS data
  • Introduction to data reading
  • Reading external data
  • Data manipulation and transformation
  • How to combine SAS data
  • Reporting with SAS
  • Data analysis with SAS Studio

Participants will benefit from a detailed understanding of the software, and the fundamentals of data analysis. These notions are pivotal to prepare the data to a more advanced and complex analysis

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